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Hey! I’m Danielle, a multi passionate mother, artist and creative. An intuitive photographer and copywriter. My mission is igniting visions into actualisation. I love tapping into the unique essence of you and magnetising this to its fullness, through the medium of photography and copywriting. Visions become alchemised, then spread…like Wildfire. Acting as a channel for business owners, I will intuitively guide you into new dimensions for your brand. I work closely with energetics and see business as one of the most creative forms of artistic expression. I consider myself a seer, and will see the soul of the business, the soul of the person, then work to unite these two in perfect unison. My unique lens brings - Truth, Magnetism and Wildfire Vision. About You You are ready to see yourself in a new light, you crave to delve into expressing yourself in your most truest form, be that mother, business owner, sexually empowered women or all of the above. Photographing a segment of your history to be captured for a moment in time and pondered freely, like a time capsule, every-time you look. Ultimately, You are ready to be activated into your truth.

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