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I was led to Shamanism and Somatic healing through a series of unexpected journeys, Spirit interventions and life-initiations. I had severe disassociation and soul loss for most of my life due to early trauma, as well as chronic exhaustion, chronic illness and mental health issues, until one day I became suicidal and had no choice but to address the mess I was in. I was on the verge of death, but it wasn't the death that I had thought, it was the death of an old life; one that was outdated, that was causing me to walk in a toxic and unconscious way and I needed to let go and walk towards my Highest path. I was led through a series of magical synchronicities to a Shamanic teacher, who I had been practicing Shamanism with for 8 years under. This teacher was a blessing to me, and opened me up to a world that my Soul knew; he was an adopted Lakota Sundance elder who put me on the Incan medicine wheel as well as took me through many rites, initiations and introduced me to the Lakota Sweatlodge; in which I became a part of a small council learning Lakota Lore under a Medicine Pipe. As I kept healing myself, my old world was soon replaced by something bigger and more authentic to me that fundamentally changed me for the better. I started to embody my Higher Self and my Path became clear; I wanted to help people with their own trauma and illness in the same way that I was helped. On my healing journey I also found Somatic healing to be fundamental to my process as well and tied in perfectly with what I had learnt with my Shamanic work. I began to learn about the nervous system, the inner child, our protective parts and how trauma is stored in the body; and how with support we can move between a traumatic memory while also being supported in the here and now. I offer a grounded, nurturing presence using Shamanic healing and Somatic practice, where we access core issues with deep integrative Soul work and body wisdom. I support my clients with deep listening, non-judgement and an open heart. Our sessions begin by bringing the client into their body, helping them to speak from their heart and having a conversation about what is arising for them, as well as supporting them and walking them through any triggers that come to the surface during the session. I then conduct the Shamanic Soul work, and end with another conversation about what came up during the session, followed with integrative homework to support them further. This homework has a range of practices from ritual, to mapping out their somatic parts and anything else that comes up to assist them with integrating their healing session. I’m located in Ocean Shores, the Bundjalung Country of the Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia and I’m available for both face to face and distance sessions. DEBORAH WOLF

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