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UnitePlayPerform is an Australian arts health organisation enhancing wellbeing through creativity in a globally connected world. Founded by contemporary artist and experience designer ØFFERINGS, UnitePlayPerform™️ is a transformational therapeutic methodology incorporating play, making, performance and community. The master method is delivered via Playshops™️, retreats, digital experiences, performance works, therapy tools and books that invite self exploration and leadership. ———— “UnitePlayPerform was developed as a new system to nurture and enhance the everyday lives of humans in such potent and challenging times. The concept was born unexpectedly within the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 as a response to the isolation and segregation of our communities. We started to realise the positive impact that a practice like this could have on individuals and the lives they may affect around them. The ripple effect could be global, and the potential could be life enhancing as a legacy for generations to come. Post incubation phase, now in 2022, UPP has expanded to become a multi-disciplinary arts health organisation supporting the ongoing delivery of all that we do. A crucial element of the journey has been the assembly of a small team of world-class thought leaders, innovators, neuro-psychology theorists, cultural strategists and iconic play design experts who have collaborated to bring this vision to life. We aim to facilitate new pathways born at the intersection of art, health, science and wellbeing.”

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