Author name: Jacque Giese

From a young age Jacque was intrigued by death and in return the depths of the human experience and what it means to truly live. As she got older, her attraction to the often-considered taboo or forbidden topics led her in a curious quest of learning deeply about each individual; specifically in relations to the realms of sex, death, and the complete inner workings of the human body. As her studies and life progressed; she found that childhood upbringing, experience and trauma shaped the dynamics for overall health issues, sexuality and "kinks", and death transitions in adults. While these are all often viewed and treated separately, they all occur somatically rooted in the untold stories of the longstanding shame or resentment stored deep in the body. As a Reiki Practitioner, SomaMystica Graduate, and soon to be Death Doula; Jacque allows all the dark untold stories to be witnessed. She finds harmony in these shadows and guides you to finding safety within your own body. By integrating your RAW (radical authentic wholeness) self, the ability for innate healing is sparked and you can meet life with intimate curiosity.

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