Author name: Mikailah Gooda

Mikailah is a leading astrologer, creative mystic, and alchemist of the soul. Her essence is grounded, cosmic, and driven. Through astrological tools, esoteric practices, and soul path-clearing techniques, Mikailah supports you to unravel the potency of your own blueprint. Her vision is to guide others in the transformation process that comes from doing courageous inner work, with astrology as her main compass. She will witness you in the mythical star-weaving across all time and space. In this process, an excavation of self will be brought to the surface, illuminated for you to embody, guiding you with love to the creative alchemy of your own soul. Mikailah is a certified transpersonal counselor and astrologer. She has been initiated in the primordial ways of the earth and holds dreaming medicine for the new way of being. “You will melt into yourself, and the stars become your teachers.”

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