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"Mikayla is an embodiment mentor, ceremonialist + ayurveda practitioner passionate in the teachings of somatic psychology, eastern + western herbalism, ayurveda and tantra yoga. She works with all levels of practitioners and encourages her clients to implement multi-dimensional self-care practices to ignite healing from within. Mikayla continues to study different aspects of ancient lifestyle wisdom and it's transformative benefits for the body and the mind, which house the sanctity of our soul. With this wisdom she intends to provide her clients the tools to unlock their absolute potential." The wisdom and transformation my studies have brought me has been endless. It has, and continues to transform me from the inside, out. I believe that it is our birthright as sentient beings to know the practices that will guide our frequency to our Highest Truth, and instill in us a deep trust in our body, mind and soul in this lifetime. Our healing is the collective’s healing.

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