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Sigourney Belle Weldon is an Australian Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Medical and Business Intuitive and Writer for Forbes. She has created multiple successful businesses, revolutionising the Health and Wellness space, including her most recent Global Training Body, SOMA MYSTICA and her Accredited Modalities teaching Somatic Psychology, The Self Holding Method and Somatic Herbalism. SOMA MYSTICA is a Revolutionary body of work that bridges Eastern Spiritual Philosophy and Esoterics with Western Medicine. Sigourney is known to bring together and find parallels between Medical Maps and Models across cultures and SOMA MYSTICA finds the intersection between Science and Spirituality, training practitioners to become powerful educators and somatic, trauma informed counsellors. She has authored two books, Leviathan and Wild Business. She is often covered by the high tier media outlets for her work by Forbes, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal and others.

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