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Moving us towards a world we no longer have to Heal from, Julia is a Kaimirimiri and an Advocate of the Sensory. Part of the Soma Mystica Team and having studied under Sigourney Belle as a Certified Soma Mystica Practitioner, The WILD GRACE®  Trainer Mentorship and Academia of Magick, Julia brings nervous system education and somatic empowerment into the hands and bodies of her clients, shifting those she works with towards balance and regeneration. Having completed a 3 year apprenticeship, trained under Tōhunga in Traditional Māori Healing in Aotearoa, New Zealand. She has been practising as a Kaimirimiri (Energetic Bodyworker) and teaching for 5 years. Julia has an honours degree in Spatial Design, having researched PTDS and Environmental Sensory Influence. Julia is also an Artist and Graphic Educatior communicating the nuances of the Sensory Experience through design. Julia works intuitively across the five bodies to illuminate and dissolve trauma, holding witnessing space and providing insights and somatic guidance to create space and resolve, letting the nervous system restore and balance.

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