Black Moon Lilith Astrology 60min session

Black Moon Lilith Astrology 60min session

with Mikailah Gooda

By exploring your Black Moon Lilith story through transpersonal astrology, we can track the energetic cords of disempowerment and discover a new map of freedom, purpose and authenticity.

Black Moon Lilith (BML) is a potent astrological vortex that encodes our essence with the evolutionary earth song of our times.

She is a powerful emissary and we can feel her in the fecundity of earth, in the sensuality of moving our bodies, knowing there is a creative, safe space for us in the world.For some she is a familiar energy, for others she is a wild, ancient Spirit waiting to be rediscovered.  She speaks in terms of freedom and movement ~ liberation from the past. 

This interwoven metamorphosis reawakens our magnificent soul potential and embodiment.Black Moon Lilith is the wild one, the free one who returns from the desert to dance in the flames.  She calls us by our names and reminds us that it is time to come home to the awakening of this new earth and the progressive collective shift.


In this astrology session, we will unearth where Black Moon Lilith resides in your own natal chart.

To release old archetypal stories, psychological paradigms and emotional wounds (both personally & collectively) around shame, betrayal, oppression, abandonment, being silenced and hidden.


In this exploratation we discover a new healing map of freedom and creative, purposeful existence.   


This interwoven metamorphosis with Lilith reawakens and rekindles our magnificent soul potential and wildness. 

Her gift is to embrace the evolutionary process for humanity and progressive collective shift for our planet.  

When we understand with wisdom our personal story, we can then witness the unbinding of the chains, to live a rich life in primal creative existence with our organic world. 

Our empowered and grace-filled voices can be heard in deep resolute union as we return home to the bountiful Garden of Eden ~ or maybe we never left.

Mikailah Star Witch 𓆃

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