Deep Dive 1:1 For Men

Deep Dive 1:1 For Men

with Amanda Rose

Fully embody the freedom you ARE.

Deep Dive 1:1 For Men

Get in touch with your masculine heart, and make room for the embodied expression of the full range of your emotions and unbridled freedom.

Effectively begin to hold space for yourself, embrace your inner warrior and reverse patterns of self-emasculinization.

Bring your fullness of presence from a place of grounded sexuality in a way that can be heard in your tone of voice, the way you carry yourself, and the wisdom you lead with.


From Stuck to Acceleration

Feeling stuck, disillusioned with life, or hopeless?

Maybe you have found yourself zoning out in front of the TV, or spending money on "boy toys" you know you don't need, or mindlessly clicking through porn.

You feel behind, you feel numb, you feel overwhelmed.

You're not living the life of your dreams, earning the paycheck you know you deserve, and you know you're settling for less in other areas, too.


Heal "Peter Pan

Contrary to the actions of men with "Peter Pan Syndrome," men are deeply committal. Boys may struggle to know what they want and pursue it, but men are in touch with their desires and they aren't afraid to ask for what they want.

Have you been told you need to heal your inner child? Have you been told you need to get in touch with your inner feminine? Have you been told that your masculinity is "toxic?" Do you want to know the truth?

Do these terms not align with what you know of yourself–that you're a deeply masculine man, and that your masculine heart is inherently good?


Embody Freedom

My male clients don't become more effeminate in working with me. They don't stay stuck in Neverland.

They DO integrate their unhealed wounds from childhood without identifying as a Noah's Ark for inner children and unhealed boys.

They DO get in touch with their masculine hearts, and make room for the embodied expression of the full range of their emotions.

They effectively begin to hold space for themselves, face what they've been running from and reverse patterns of self-emasculinization.


The Nitty Gritty

During this intensive 2.5 hour session we will be engaging in deep experiential work together.

This may include but is not limited to:

  • Somatic Movement
  • Breathwork
  • Inner Alchemy Work
  • Guided Meditations
  • Polarity Practices
  • Masculine/Feminine Energy Work
  • Sound Healing
  • Inner Child Work
  • Existential Kink
  • "Shadow Walking"
  • Self Reflection
  • Masculine Archetypal Embodiment
  • And more…



What men are experiencing through investing in their masculine wholeness:


"Prior to working with Amanda, I struggled with feeling less than a man. I struggled with chronic porn and masturbation routinely that I knew deep down wasn’t good for me but didn’t know how to stop. I had a major disconnect from my sexual energy and had no idea how to get it back.
My sessions with Amanda changed my life for the better. Not only have I stopped watching porn and masturbating, I’ve become the man I always wanted to be.
Amanda taught me how to reconnect with my masculine energy and use it as a force for positive and creative change within myself and the world.
Amanda is genuine, empathetic and couldn’t have asked for a better mentor to guide me through this transformation. Men would benefit greatly from working one-on-one with her. Can’t recommend her enough."
–CL, Entrepreneur | San Diego, California
"It’s been a complete transformation in 6 short months. I haven’t only reconnected with myself and my masculine energy, I feel strongly that I’m a man of value and stand on solid ground. I’ve learned to appreciate and value my sexual energy and use it as a positive force in my life. I stopped watching porn altogether and stopped masturbating too. I’m in such a healthier place mentally and feel well equipped to handle the challenges life throws at me. Lastly, I have deep conviction and trust in myself that I never had before. I can for the first time actually truly trust my own word and know that I will not let myself or others down. Through the process of learning to keep my word starting with myself, I’ve grown to understand self-empowerment and how I can now show up for others in the same way. One last thing, I’ve learned so much about relationships and how to lead as a man. I have the capacity to develop a healthy relationship now and stop my old patterns of being attracted to unavailable love."
— Anonymous
"I was looking for answers to help me reconnect with my sexual energy and learn how to feel whole again.
The wealth of knowledge and compassion Amanda has could not be found in any book or course. The 1-on-1 coaching and attention was literally life changing. I felt heard, understood and challenged to grow in many areas. I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to guide me through this journey."
— Anonymous
"What he will gain as a man by working with Amanda is truly priceless. Not only personally but how it’ll positively affect all his relationships in the present and future."
"Amanda has helped me get in touch with parts of my psyche that I had been running away from or denying for years. She has guided me consistently back to my heart and my body, and placed me firmly in control over my choices and actions. I have felt acceptance from her that I haven't found elsewhere. She also has a great sense of humor that I find crucial to any healing atmosphere, and she knows when to break up a heavy moment with hilarity when necessary. She is down to earth, and bound to get you results."
— Roy, Musician | Maryland, USA
"Porn 2 to 4 times per week before working with Amanda.
Now zero and don’t miss it."
— Anonymous
"I have worked with Amanda and seen her facilitate life changing transformation during just one session. I admire her intuitive ability to guide the process, her expertise in emotional and somatic modalities, and the presence she brings to every session or group. Compassion, and a stealth ability to get to the root cause without over-extending the nervous system is her specialty. Anyone who meets with Amanda is certain to experience dramatic and lasting results."
— Chris, CEO and Business Owner | Jacksonville, Florida
"Amanda knows how to create a safe and non-judgmental space. She is effective, and holistic, and knows how to get results. I thought her methods were weird at first. Prepare to be taken by surprise."
— TR, Sales Professional | Michigan, USA

Activate your masculine energy on a visceral level, and heal deep wounds of emasculation, shame, and self disgust.

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