Sexual Embodiment 1:1 Immersive

Sexual Embodiment 1:1 Immersive

with Amanda Rose

"Through working with Amanda, I feel I have finally cracked the code to embodying my sacred sexuality and it’s that my sensuality is my power." --Felicita Rajakumari

You want the sexual embodiment that enables you to be pushed against the wall and taken to bed and ravished…that also enables you to be taken gently and slowly, and deliciously deeper, and cracks you open to God…and that also emboldens you to crawl across the table towards him with your yoni pulsing with desire.

You thought you were just waiting for the right lover to enter your life…or man up.

But, Darling, YOU are the one you have been waiting for.

Reclaim and fully embody your sexuality, pleasure, and sensual femininity. Connect to who you are as a woman: Spiritual, Sovereign, Soulful, and sexual.

These sessions are for the woman who is ready to meet her fullest expression of the feminine, and her sexuality. She is ready to do the deep womb and yoni work to release her creative sexual energy, and is willing to meet her edges and "try-on" aspects and flavors of the feminine she may have barred herself from trying….til now.
These sessions are tailored to you, so they may be as gentle or as wild as your body leads, and your soul desires.
If you're unafraid to have your hands on your body, you're ready to expand your pleasure gates, and you are a yoni-pulsing YES to feeling more grounded in yourself as a sexual woman, then this session is for you.
If you are still struggling with shame to the point you aren't ready to put your hands on your body, or on your yoni, please book a deep healing session before booking this intensive. (see the rest of my sessions here, or DM me on Instagram for more details: @amandaarlenerose )


"I got to meet myself on such a deep and intimate level. I learned to love myself in new ways. I opened back up and in doing so, my relationship with my partner is also thriving."

"I found through you, that there is so much power in softness. Typically, I have felt like I have to be strong and do it on my own. or I am the one who is leading. But I learned that it's okay to be soft, vulnerable, held, heard, validated, and supported. I also felt like this program stood out from anything else I've done because it was experimental. hands-on. Life now is amazing. I know how to hold myself and create safety within myself; self regulation."

— Sarahly Avilez, Divine Feminine & Sensuality Mentor, Circle Facilitator, Akashic Records Oracle, & SAHM



The Invitation

​This is where the spiritual and the sexual merge.

​I'm inviting you to drop from your head into your body.

It's time to quit trying to figure this sexual embodiment thing out on our own, from a place of logical analysis of the situation. You know something isn't right, and it's time for you to get the support you need for you to drop deeply within and finally experience what it means to know that your sexuality belongs to YOU.

I'm beckoning you into the mystery of the female body and anatomy, from a place of intimacy.

You'll be able to throw away your lube, you won't need to force yourself to quit thinking about your day while he's disrobing you, and you won't cry yourself to sleep after he rolls over.

You'll feel sovereign within your sexuality in such a way that it rocks your world, and your hips.

God didn't give you 8,000 nerve endings for nothing.

I believe you were designed and created for endless pleasure, multiple orgasms, and full body ecstasy.

Come, darling. 😉



"Before working with Amanda I struggled with feeling numb and feeling unclear on my true needs and desires. For 9 years I waited for a breakthrough in my relationship with my husband, thinking it was my husband who needed to be fixed. But it was me not listening to my heart and Wombspace for years, that was my true longing!
I had “head-knowledge” about sacred sexuality but I didn’t know how to make it happen or how to practice it, or embody it.
In working with Amanda, I have connected my head-knowledge with my hearts needs and my wombspace, my desire.
Amanda’s expertise helped me wholly come home to myself! No longer numb, I now value how I feel, how I see, how I walk! 
For the very first time, my husband and I have had spontaneous love making. Through working with Amanda, I feel I have finally cracked the code to embodying my sacred sexuality and it’s that my sensuality is my power."

— Felicita Rajakumari, India



The Details

A 3 hour in-depth experiential immersive healing cocoon for your radical metamorphosis, with 2 weeks of Voxer (or Telegram) support for your continued unfurling.

This may include but is not limited to:

  • Somatic Movement

  • De-Armoring

  • Feminine Embodiment

  • Womb and Yoni Mapping

  • Breathwork

  • Trauma Alchemy

  • Guided Meditative Immersions

  • Masculine/Feminine Energy Work

  • Feminine Archetypal Drama

  • Herbal Support for the modern feminine

  • And more…



"Working with Amanda has changed the way I see my sexuality. I have been able to explore my softness and what brings me pleasure. I’ve been able to embrace more of who I am and release shame. She is so in tune and has a way of bringing you to a deep, beautiful place within yourself so quickly!"
— Julia, Life Coach and Podcast Hostess | California, USA
"Amanda is an expert in feminine embodiment, embodying your sexuality and finding freedom in your whole being. She takes you through the layers into the core of things. I was stuck before working with Amanda, feeling disembodied, and being in my head, struggling with anxiety and mistrust in myself. I was wanting to go deeper with my healing, and wanting to do one-on-one work. I wanted to go farther and deeper for myself. Now I feel more whole, sovereign, and embodied in who I am as a woman."
— Erin, Non Linear Movement Method Teach | USA



Book via the button provided, and I will personally reach out to you via email to give you my personal calendar link. We will have a preliminary 15 minute chat over the phone (optional) to discuss what you'd like to address during the session, and get you connected with me via Voxer or Telegram. You will have me in your back pocket so to speak, for 2 entire weeks to bookend this session with to ensure you are supremely supported and held during this potent metamorphosis.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me: or DM me on Instagram: @amandaarlenerose



"I was held in a beautiful space of love and acceptance with a wonderful sense of having room for whatever came up. There was no fear of being too much, which has been a constant in my life. Amanda's gift of compassion and strength unlocked some tightly held traumas, and immediately after the session I felt lighter and more free, like a flower that is just letting go of all of life that has kept it from blooming. My body physically manifested trauma release and I can feel the new softness and sensitivity, and it feels like only the start! I have been experiencing a much deeper relationship with my body. I have cried a lot, realizing just how much I have asked of her, not knowing how to nurture and care for her, then being annoyed and despised her when she manifested pain or asked for a break. The last week has been very intense with so many buried traumas coming out of hiding, and the embodiment exercises have been vital to my wellbeing. My yoni has been more sensitive as well, somedays almost anger, with a touch-me-not attitude. It's been a beautiful time of loving her and meeting her and making up for years of neglect and abuse and it's really amazing how gracious and loving she is, never against me or out to bring me down like I had always thought her to be. It really is a beautiful thing! …There was so so much sorrow and grief, along with anger and a sense of being suppressed. Physically my body manifested through sounds and movement. It was an interesting experiment of being aware of your physical body amidst such intense emotions coming up. Due to being in a few embodiment sessions with Amanda previously I was able to not get swept up in the emotions of it only, but to feel physically my body was feeling. That was a wonderful, healing experience for me. The level of relaxation my body must have been in to allow itself to manifest so unhindered speaks wonders to how regulated Amanda's nervous system is and how mine mirrored hers in this session. It was certainly one of the most healing moments of my life."

— Beth Hershberger, Business owner | Ohio, USA



Chat soon, darling :-*

Get ready for your world to get a lot wetter, and a lot hotter, and a lot more ease-filled and embodied.

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