Uncovering the Roots

Uncovering the Roots

with Jennifer Sprunger

Intuitive and energetical uncovering of what is the cause of your ailment, pain and discomfort. Be it physical, psycological or energetical, through using tools and methods from the Soma Mystica Training to illuminate the root cause.


In this Session I intuitively work with you and your body to uncover and find the root cause of your ailments, pains and discomforts. This work is especially for those that have had enough about not knowing what is going on and no one seemingly being able to help. What if your pain and ailment is much deeper than you would have ever thought? What if it is so deeply ingrained in your body that it can not just be released and healed through only looking at the physical aspects?




How I work

I would like to offer to look at the discomforts in a new angle. I want to go deeper and look at the knot that lies at the root. Because I deeply believe that once we loosen this original knot this can have a ripple effect and shifts can happen through this. In my Sessions I use tools and methods to go into meditative states and to drop into the body. I use insights from Chinese medicine, medical astrology and energetical work and interweave this with my already established coaching skills.


My Intention for you?

What I deeply desire is for you to find ease and comfort in your body again. I want you to be amazed about the possibilites of your body and to find a deeper understanding and possibly a new truth about what is going on. Most of all I desire for you to see that healing doesn't have to take years and be intensely challenging. There is joy, pleasure and comfort in uncovering the causes and in healing.


What do you get?

You get a deeper connection and understanding of your body, the pain or discomfort and possibly of yourself and your path in this world. You can see a new angle to your pain and discomforts and see the connection and interaction of everything that is going on. You can feel and see the root trauma and how it is stuck and manifests itself in your body. Through then looking into this and my intuitive guidance, this stuckness can move, disperse, shift and ease. From this a new understanding and truth can be found and healing can start to happen. Pain and discomforts can shift, move and vanish and through this, you can be able to walk your destined path in this world. You can find ease and pleasure in the body and your being, where before there was pain and discomfort.


There is so much more to say but I would rather tell you to come and see the power of this work for yourself.

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