with Julia Fenn

To be witnessed. Working with your energy system as a whole, We journey, free of judgement, past the mind and into the Soma. A 90 minute session guiding your presence deeper into the timeless space of the body and subtle energy field, to listen, discover and witness the undercurrents of your nervous system.






A Witness Session with Julia follows the path of the heart. Leading with Somatic Journeying and Guiding to reset and balance the energetic system. Through gentle release practices, we allow the the origin of a nervous system holding pattern to be revealed, witnessed, held and transformed.

We work and aspect with the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual elements of wellbeing to cleanse, balance and support you and your lineage.

A 90 Minute online session, with one follow up 30 minute call, one week later.

2 hours in total, Zoom link sent upon booking. 


Moving us towards a world we no longer have to Heal from, Julia is an Advocate of the Sensory.  Julia is a Kaimirimiri and has trained in traditional Māori Healing and body work under Tōhunga in Aotearoa, New Zealand for three years and has been practicing for five. She has over 500 hours of professional practice in bodywork and online sessions in the Healing Arts to track patterns through the 5 bodies to restore vitality and sovereignty. 


Julia is a Designer, Graphic Educator and Part of the Soma Mystica Team, having studied under Sigourney Belle as both a Soma Mystica Certified Practitioner and a Trainer for the WILD GRACE® Movement. Julia brings nervous system education and somatic empowerment into the hands and bodies of her clients, shifting those she works with towards balance and regeneration. She has co-facilitated and taught workshops around New Zealand.


She teaches in her sessions how to deepen your relationship with your energetic, emotional and physical fields. Julia works in the realms of Wairua and across timeliness, providing intergenerational trauma work and matakite guidance. Julia is a part of the movement towards a new world where sensitivity is celebrated as our most divine gift.

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